Market Research

Part of our developed capabilities in the UAE market, is to offer prospective suppliers and product manufacturers access to the visibility & availability market intelligence and data on specific categories within the UAE retail market. Our UAE market penetration is 95% numeric and 100% weighted across all retail selling outlets. Our vast reach across the UAE generates accurate and comprehensive data collection and market intelligence that will prove valuable to brand owners prospecting a launch of a new brand or an extension within their categories. Information specific to visibility and availability will also assist established brands in the UAE to better understand the dynamics of their categories and the scope which they need to improve upon. Accuracy, reliability and timeliness are the cornerstones of our philosophy. Our experienced teams are trained to ensure consistently high standards of market information; stringent controls monitor the collection of audit data. The universe of our census covers all of the United Arab Emirates across channels such as:-


Channel Covered

Scope of Coverage

Organized Retail Universe


Weighted Traditional Universe


Petrol Stations - Convenience Stores


Numeric Traditional Universe


Weighted On Premise (HORECA) Universe


Data and Information collected will pertain to and not limited to the following aspects of the business:

 Visibility in respect to the category, channel, market

 Availability in respect to channel and market

 Availability formats and applied merchandising standards

 Applied pricing to trade and consumers

 Competitor assessment on all visibility and availability variables

 Independent qualitative assessment on merchandising elements "brand driven”

 Pure census on numeric coverage

 Detailed and complete qualitative and quantitative census in the Organized Retail Universe